Friday, 27 April 2012

Allah Thoughts at All Time

When starting to do something,
Say bis-millah

when intending to so something,
say insya-Allah

when something is being praised,
say Subhan-allah

when in pain and distress,
say ya-allah

when expressing appreciation,
say masya-allah

when thanking someone,
say jazak-allah

when repenting of a sin,
say astagh-firullah

when awakening from sleep
say lailahaillallah

when sneezing,
say alhamdulillah

when someone else sneezes,
say yar-hamuk-allah

when taking oath,
say wallahi-wa billahi

when giving to charity,
say fi-sabi-lillah

when having love for someone,
say lihub-billah

when parting from someone,
say fi-amanillah

when problem appear,
say  tawak-kaltu-al-allah

when pleasantness appear
say fata-barak-allah

when  unpleasantness occurs,
say nau-zu-billah

when participating is prayer,
say aamiin

when getting married,
say aman-tu-billah

when death message is received,
say inna-lillahi-wa-inna-ilahi raji-un

oleh: Nur Ashiqin Arazmi